Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bed Bugs in Rental Accommodation

A recent enquiry about how to confirm whether evidence suggests bed bugs were in a rented apartment before moving in, or whether they could have been brought in by the new tenant, is one of many similar enquiries I have had.

The enquiry is often spurred by a 'conflict' between the tenant and the owner, or property managers, about whose responsibility getting rid of the bed bugs is. Unfortunately this is a common conflict when it comes to bed bugs or other infestations in rental property or moving into accommodation.

It is usually impossible to determine, with certainty, where the bed bug infestation originated. There is rarely any fault involved, as bed bugs are not a sign of poor hygiene and can easily be picked up during travel, in goods moved from one place to another, etc.

It is always in the interests of both parties to deal with the problem promptly to save both pain and costs. I suggest the tenant and manger/owner amicably come to an agreement to jointly cover costs of eradication. This always saves time and costs for both parties.

A men tells a friend: “I still can’t get rid of these bed bugs. I’m so tired of being bitten every day. They live in my old sofa in the living room”.

“Get rid of the sofa then.” Suggested his friend.

The guy replied:” Well, I threw out my sofa several times, but the bed bugs keep bringing it back”.

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