Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Kiwicare Website

Hello Again

You may be wondering where I have been for the last month. I have had a holiday to South Australia, spending time in the Barossa Valley followed by a trip up the Murray River on a house boat. Both of which I would strongly recommend (particularly in conjunction) and more of which I will tell you soon.

But for a large part of the time I have been working on the development of a new website for Kiwicare. The website has a bright new look and separates the home pest control and garden pest control sections with different looks and feels but still as one website.

A major development of the site includes two problem solver sections, one for Home Pest Control and one for Garden Pests, Diseases and Health. Try them out and give me your feedback.

It is also easier in the new website t quickly find information on a particular pest, disease, or garden health problem and its solutions. Or to find information on Kiwicare products.

Kiwicare Home Page

Next blog I will be telling you all about my terrific trip to South Australia. So if you are planning a visit there I suggest you read about my experiences, I think you will pick up some useful tips and get some hints about things to do and see.

Who's been surfing on our web?
I can't bear to tell you.

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