Monday, April 18, 2011

Concentrated Organic Weedkiller

In October 2010 Kiwicare launched the new BioGro Certified Organic NO Weeds (now call Organic Weedfree Rapid) ready to use trigger spray and I blogged about how it works. Since then sales of this product have soared and it is available in hardware stores, garden centres and supermarkets across New Zealand.

I have been contacted many times since the launch of the product by organic farmers, horticulturalists and gardeners asking when the concentrate version would be available. Well, I am happy to tell you that NO Weeds Concentrate is now available in 5L and 20L sizes. The concentrate is also certified by BioGro the main New Zealand organic certification agency.

The concentrate is diluted 1 part concentrate to 14 parts water or 10 parts water for tougher weeds. Like the ready to use spray it combines fatty acid and pine oil in a product that strips the waxy cuticle and cell wall from weeds so that they rapidly dehydrate and die. You can almost watch the weeds fall over within minutes.

What's the strongest weedkiller?
The one that lifts the earth. Naturally!

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