Monday, February 28, 2011

One Week on from Christchurch Quake

Kiwicare is now operational and has begun production again following last week's quake. Internet and email communication has been restored and orders can be received as normal. A great effort by staff and service providers.
Pallets ready for collection
Repairs underway to wall
It is one week since the quake. At 12.51, the time the quake struck last week, two minutes silence and reflection was observed by the staff of Kiwicare. We remember that we are luckier than many others. Some have lost lives and loved ones, some have lost homes, some have lost jobs and possessions.

I am inspired by the people and the spirit of Christchurch and New Zealand. As an immigrant, I have once again been impressed by the speed and efficiency of the clean up and the restoration of 'normal' services around the city. That is not to say that there is still not a huge amount to do, but with the help and good will that is poring in from around New Zealand and around the world the city will, like a 'Pheonix from the flame' rise from the liquefaction mud bigger, brighter and better than ever before.

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