Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kiwicare Back Into Production After Christchurch Quake

The fantastic team at Kiwicare turned up to work this morning in full force following Tuesday's earthquake in Canterbury. Service providers worked tirelessly to get our power, water, phones and fax up and running today; internet and emails are expected to be working tomorrow.

Deliveries are already being sent out from the factory, our Auckland distribution centre has, of course, been unaffected.

With a full team, the factory and offices have largely been tidied ready for recommencing production on Wednesday or even earlier. One of the first products on our list for production is Racasan Sanitary Fluid for use in portable toilets and for sterilizing surfaces. It will be produced and sent out for use in many of the thousands of portable and chemical toilets being used in the affected parts of Christchurch. Kiwicare has also offered donation of NO Germs Hand Sanitiser in an effort to prevent diseases, such as gastroenteritis, spreading as people in the city must clean either without water or with water possibly contaminated with sewerage.

Thank you to all our customers for your patience. If you need to make any urgent orders and are not sure that normal service is available please contact us at any of the numbers found here.

Always give 100% at work .......
 12% On Monday
 23% On Tuesday
 40% On Wednesday
 20% On Thursday
 5% On Fridays

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