Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake Affects Kiwicare

The factory and head office of Kiwicare is located in Bromley, a suburb in the hard hit eastern part of Christchurch. I am happy to report that all the staff and workers at the factory were uninjured apart from small cuts and bruises.

The factory and offices are all still standing and largely undamaged. However, the quake ejected goods and materials from racking, shelves and cabinets. Those staff able to get to the factory yesterday made spills safe and prepared the premises for the clear up. It is not clear at the moment when we will be able to get into the buildings in force to clean up and get back to distributing and manufacturing. There is currently no power, water, sewerage or communications (other than cell phones), to the area and we expect it will be days and maybe weeks before some of these services are repaired.

My Office. I was in the chair in the corner

Main office

Some of the goods to be cleared up. All racking survived well but many pallets bounced off on to the floor.
Thank you to all that have sent good wishes. We wish all the people of Christchurch good luck. We will be back.

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