Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Joe Bennett at PestNET

I attended the first day of the PestNET conference at Lincoln University yesterday. PestNET is an organisation of pest control contractors mostly involved in Animal Health Board operations to control Tb in  vectors such as possums. However, I was happy to see some other groups represented at the conference including Otago Peninsula conservation group and the Little Yellow Eye Penguin Group and we had a couple of great talks from iwi. The first day of the conference focused on the need for good communication between contractors, AHB, DoC and other stakeholders and the public including iwi and landowners.

We could all take a leaf out of Joe Bennett's many books. We were lucky enough to have Joe as the after dinner speaker for the conference. I have read a few of Joe's books and read his column in the Press and other periodicals when I come across them. I had expected a gentle chat with humorous observations. What we got was a polished stand up performance that had the tears of mirth running down my cheeks. Move over Billy Connolly you have a rival.

If you are planning a conference dinner I happily recommend Joe as the man to get for your after dinner speaker.

Today at the conference is the day for hearing about technical developments in pest control for controlling possums, mustalids and rodents. There are improvements afoot in many of these areas, not least through developments of Kiwicare products. you will hear about them here. So keep watching this space.

A cow with poor eyesight walks into a bar. She coughs to attract the attention of the bartender (Tb or not Tb?).
When he turns she asks "Can I have a Guinness please? I've never had one before and my Irish cow friend tells me it's great."
The bartender realising the cow has poor eyesight, because of the milk bottle spectacles she is wearing, decides to save on the Guinness and give her coke. 'How would she know?'
The cow take s swig of the drink and spits it out. "Yuk!" she says. "That can't be Guinness. Where is the creamy head?"
The barman pours the cow a Guinness and hands it to her admitting "I thought I could get the coke past your eyes."

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