Friday, September 3, 2010

Christchurch Earthquake

I live in Kaiapoi, 10km north of Christchuch and I, like the rest of Canterbury, was awoken with a jolt at 4.45 this morning. I managed to get out of bed and stand in the bedroom doorway. I thought about getting out of the house as the front door was only a few metres away. But I was listening to the joints in the wooden house making some serious cracking and creeking noise and thought there is some real chance that the building will collapse.

When the main quake ended, and it wasn't clear when that was as further quakes rumbled through for some time. I grabbed the torch and took a look around the house. There wasn't much that sits on shelves still on the shelves. The TV in my bedroom and the plants on the shelf were all on the floor. Funny thing is that I didn't notice them falling during the quake.

My power is back on now at 9.30 but water is still off. I am very surprised that the power has been restored so quickly and I don't expect water to come back on for perhaps days. This after taking a walk into Kaiapoi as the sun came up. The Canterbury plain is based on ancient river beds and there has been serious liquifaction. 100m from my house the road has buckled and silt and mud worked its way to the surface.

Blackwells still flying flag

Car Park that used to be flat

Liquifaction in a garden

Many were not so lucky

Still getting aftershocks but getting blasé about them even though the computer screen is wobbling around as I write this.

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  1. more photos please bowling club golf course bridges thanks



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