Thursday, September 2, 2010

Cholecalciferol Possum Bait Still Available

The second day of the PestNET conference held at Lincoln focused on new products and product development. There was also discussion on the availability of cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) possum baits. There has been a recent surge in the cost of cholecalciferol worldwide. At one point it had gone up by 1000%. Although it has eased back again it is still much more expensive than it was 18 months ago. As the chole (as it is often known) is a significant cost of possum baits using this toxin some of the manufactures have stopped manufacture and some chole baits are no longer available.

Kiwicare is both an importer and exporter of cholecalciferol and as such has secured an exclusive supply. Kiwicare NO Possums Cholecalciferol Gel Bait is still available for control of possums and the price has been kept steady, with no increase in the last 3 years.

NO Possums Cholecalciferol Gel bait is ideal for use where long term control of possums is required. The bait is truly long life; lasting up to two years without deteriorating, even in wet conditions.

It is not required to have a licence or approved handlers certificate to use NO Possums making it ideal for self-help and community environmental protection groups.

So the Coach Says to the Team. "Listen Up Men. I’m Changing Our Team Name to The Possums.” One of the Players Says “What… Why Coach?” Coach… "Because We Play Dead at Home and Get Killed on the Road!"

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