Thursday, August 12, 2010

It must be Friday's raining!

I am sitting in my office anticipating getting into the garden this weekend to eradicate the mosses and weeds that have thrived over the winter. Or at least that was the plan before the rain started. The weekend weather forecast is not good, so I might have to postpone for a few days. I will have to keep the NO Moss Mould Mildew I have for getting rid of the moss until a dry day comes along. The last time I used it I took some photos for use on websites to demonstrate its effectiveness. These are the photos.

With any luck the forecast is inaccurate and I will be able to clean up the garden. I will also be trying some of a new trial product for killing weeds. It is an organic weedkiller with a novel and innovative combination of actives to give better control than is usually the case when using the safer and less eco-toxic herbicides.

The Kiwicare BioGro certified organic range is growing and we expect to add two key new products in the next couple of months. The new herbicide and a new insecticide for controlling a range of insect pests on fruits, vegetables, roses and ornamental plants. Follow this blog and you will be the first to learn all about them.

In the mean time, have a great weekend, where ever you may be.

A weatherman walks into an isobar.

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