Friday, August 6, 2010

Energy for Gardening

If you are like me, you don't get as much exercise as you used to. I take the occasional walk or get in the sea for a swim in warmer weather. But in winter when I leave home in the dark and get back in the dark my exercise is limited to weekends and working in the garden or planting trees around Taylor's Mistake.

As a result of all this couch potato behavior, when I do get into some serious exercise (like planting trees at Taylor's Mistake or getting into the garden for some of those spring has sprung chores) my muscles suffer and my body says I need more energy.

Part of the problem is the lack of fitness and the inability of my body to get enough oxygen to my muscles and part of it is my muscles inability to get enough energy in the form of glycogen.

The oxygen deficiency I have to work on by improving my general fitness and learning to breath all the way out so that when I breath in there is as high a level of oxygen in my lungs as possible; a tip given to me by a member of our office staff. Thank you Margaret.

The energy deficiency I have learned to counter with La Vita Dextrose Energy Tablets. These tablets are a mouthwatering way to get a quick boost of glucose in the blood stream without having a load of stogy food in my stomach to digest while I am working. I keep a tube in the car for boosting energy levels while driving and countering tiredness, I keep a tube in my 1st Aid Kit in case I come across a patient with hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) often caused by diabetes, and I keep a tube in my back pack for when I am walking or planting trees at Taylor's Mistake.

What really impresses me about La Vita tablets is that they are wholly natural and really rather delicious. Try some and tell me if I am wrong.

A man goes into a shop and picks up a bottle of fizzy pop and a bag of sugar. He pays for the pop and walks out. He is arrrested and taken to court for staeling the sugar. The juge asks him "Why did you not pay for the sugar?" and the man says "Because the label on the pop said 'Sugar Free.'"

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