Sunday, June 27, 2010

Seal and Waterproof Concrete

Greenhouse bases made of concrete have several advantages. The main ones being the concrete pad retains heat and acts as a 'storage heater' keeping the greenhouse temperature up over night and the concrete can be kept clean reducing the risk of  harbouring diseases.

The concrete pads can be sealed and made waterproof with the use of silicone sealer such as NO Leaks Masonry Sealant. The sealant is water based and is easily applied to concrete by spraying or painting. The sealant allows the concrete to breathe while preventing moisture penetration and the growth of fungal or bacterial diseases that could multiply in the otherwise moist concrete. It also makes keeping the surface of the pad clean much easier and prevents the surface deteriorating and becoming dusty.

The same product can be used to seal all concrete pads and walls such as patios, garage floors, basements, walls, milking sheds etc. The sealant will prevent staining and reduce moisture penetration causing frost damage.

Kiwicare also produce a sealant product specifically for coloured (red etc.) brick and terracotta. The NO Leaks Red Brick and Terracotta Sealer (Kiwicare uses descriptive and literal names!) is made up with a dedicated solvent or with white spirits and does not cause salt sublimation on treated surfaces.

Did you hear about the invention of waterproof teabags?
It was an idea that was floated.

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