Thursday, June 24, 2010

NO Possums Gel Bait is a true long life bait

 NO Possums Gel Bait containing cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) is an easy to use alternative to traps, 1080, cyanide or brodifacoum. The gel bait is a 'truely' long life bait. Some baits and baiting systems claim to be long life but palatability to possums drops off over a few months. NO Possums remains palatable and effective for over 2 years even in high rainfall areas such as New Zealand's wet west coast.

The toxin in the bait, cholecalciferol, is of low ecotoxicity, does not persist in the environment, is highly toxic to possums and rodents but of much lower toxicity to birds, does not require a licence for use and poses a low risk of secondary poisoning.

The gel bait is highly attractive to possums, it will also be eaten by rats. The bait is supplied in containers that fit a dedicated bait station that acts as protection from weather and a visual lure to curious possums.

The station should be fixed to a suitable tree or post where possums can stand comfortably and feed at the gel bait by putting its snout into the bait station. In areas where stock, dogs or other at risk animals might access the bait station it should be placed out of reach of these animals. A good tip is to place the station above 2 metres from the ground and about 30cm above a tree branch or other platform. If no such position is available a broken off branch or piece of 2x1 can be fixed below the station.

It is recommended that NO Possums non-toxic pre-feed is used in the station for at least two weeks prior to placing the toxic bait in the station. this ensures that possums are feeding fully at the bait and take a lethal dose rapidly after the toxic bait is placed.

NO Possums products can be purchased from good rural supplies stores throughout New Zealand.

Why did the chicken cross the road?
To prove to the possum it could be done.

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