Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cockroaches Continue to Cause Concern

Sales of Kiwicare Cockroach products such as NO Cockroach Fumigators, Sprays, Baits and Traps have been rising unseasonably. It would be expected that problems with cockroaches would drop during winter as the cold slows cockroach breeding. But this year is significantly bucking this trend. Our retailers are increasing orders to keep up with demand and the Kiwicare website is experiencing its busiest month ever with visitors seeking advice on getting rid of cockroaches and keeping them away. Busier even than the height of summer.

It is not clear why numbers should be climbing at this time of year but it is likely to be a combination of the relatively mild autumn, the high humidity caused by recent rains and the increase of heating in homes where cockroaches can survive and breed through the winter.
For information on how to get rid of cockroaches and keep them at bay check out this Cockroach advice page.

"You know it's summer in Ireland when the rain gets warmer."
- Hal Roach

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