Thursday, February 11, 2010

Seal and Waterproof Concrete, Brick and Terracotta

Have you ever wanted to make it easier to keep concrete, stone or brick work clean? Have you wanted to stop water penetration and prevent frost damage to your patio pots?

Waterproofing walls provides better heat retention and reduces damp which would lead to a cold house. It stops concrete floors becoming dusty and reduces staining. It slows algal and mould growth and makes graffiti removal easier. And it reduces water penetration and consequent damage by frost.

Concrete walls and drives, Oamaru stone, brickwork, terracotta pots, these and more porous surfaces can be waterproofed and protected with NO Leaks sealers. Kiwicare make two sealants for use on hard porous surfaces. NO Leaks Masonry Sealer is a silicon sealer for use on concrete, stone such as Oamaru and Summerhill, and non-coloured or light coloured masonry. NO Leaks Red Brick and Terracotta Sealer is designed for dark porous surfaces. It is important that Masonry Sealer is NOT used on dark surfaces as it causes salts to bloom on the surface where they will show as pale marks which are almost impossible to remove. For such areas use Red Brick and Terracotta sealer.


  1. Hi PP. Is this product totally invisible when painted on red brick, or does it leave a glossy finish?


  2. Hi Leo,

    Thank you for your question. I should have mentioned in my article that the NO Leaks Red Brick and Terracotta and Masonry Sealers both dry without a glossy finish. It would not be easy to detect that the surfaces have been treated except that water beads and runs off.



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