Sunday, February 21, 2010

Midges and Other Flying Insects

Following my blog last week on the appearance of midges around Bromley I was called by one of our suppliers asking me to help another client of theirs with a flying insect problem. The client is an engineering company a few hundred metres from the Kiwicare head offices and not surprisingly the problem was being caused by midges. They were settling on the white painted surfaces and windows around the entrance of their showroom; not very inviting for visitors. I have supplied some deltamethrin (NO Bugs Super Professional Strength) for them to spray the area.

I have found an excellent website and forum site for lifestyle blockers and small farmers. The website has several thousand members and lively and informative discussion of all sorts of topics relevant to owners of small rural properties and more. There are good discussions of pest control issues and I recently started a thread asking members how bad flies have been or are in their various parts of the world.

I have received good feedback, some saying the flies have not yet been bad and other complaining bitterly about flies. The split is so far about 50:50 which suggests to me that flies are not as bad as usual because I would expect people with problems to be more likely to respond.

The beautiful warm weather we are having here in Canterbury at the moment is likely to increase fly and other insect numbers. I would appreciate any feedback you would have. So let me know how the flies are for you and where you are. Leave a comment here or Email me.

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