Monday, February 1, 2010

Bed Bugs on TV3 Target Tonight

I will be watching tonight's Target programme on TV3 7.30pm with interest. It is scheduled to look at the growing problem of bed bugs and how to deal with them. Last week the program showed pest control technicians attempting to control fleas in the Target house. I hope this program tonight does not show the professional pest control industry in such a bad light.

Bed bugs are a particularly difficult pest to get rid of. They secrete themselves in cracks and crevices in the bedroom where their host sleeps. Only at night do they emerge in search of food, attracted by body heat and carbon dioxide in the breath. Their hiding places are hard to treat and there is evidence that these insects are developing resistance to the synthetic pyrethroid insecticides. It is therefore more important than ever that thorough examination of the infested room and those adjacent is carried out. Look everywhere.

Insecticides containing an insect growth regulator are effective in breaking the life cycle of these pests. NO Fleas Total is such an insecticide and along with the plan of action described here you can get rid of bed bugs by DIY without the cost of calling in a pest control business. If you feel you need to call in a pest controller I strongly recommend using a business registered with the Pest Management Association of NZ and ask for a registered technician to carry out the work.

Patient: In my sleep I keep seeing bed bugs with proboscis dripping blood.
Doctor: Have you seen a psychiatrist?
Patient:  No, just bed bugs.

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