Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fleas Bite

The surge in visitors to the Kiwicare website from people seeking information on how to get rid of fleas is continuing and growing. The recent warm weather has seen flea numbers explode around New Zealand.

In a previous blog Fleas Take a Big Bite I described how to control fleas and more information can be found on the Kiwicare Flea page.

A question that has cropped up a few times is "My dog has fleas, why don't they bite me?"

Dog fleas prefer to feed on dogs, cat fleas prefer to feed on cats and bird fleas prefer to feed on birds. So if the natural host of the flea is available they will feed on that host. However, cat fleas are the least fussy and will feed on us if they are hungry or the cat is not immediately available. Also, dog or bird fleas will feed on us if their host is not available. For example if there is a bird nest in your loft and the birds fledge and leave, any fleas left behind will come hunting for a blood feed from you.

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