Saturday, February 6, 2010

Don’t Let Mosquitoes Ruin Your Barbeque

I was sitting on a friend’s deck last night. It had been a spectacularly beautiful day in Christchurch and the evening was mild and still. Sitting on the deck watching the sun set with a good glass of red wine and chatting was an excellent way to spend the evening. But as the sun dipped below the trees and dusk fell there was the inevitable arrival of fuzzy dark points appearing from the gathering gloom. Shortly afterwards we started to scratch and it was quickly realised that the mozzies were there for a feed.

We could have moved inside and closed the doors and windows, but luckily my friend remembered the insect repellent wipes I had left some weeks previously. They were passed round the group and each of us wiped our exposed skin with the wipes impregnated with natural essential oils. The mozzies were still to be seen but from then on they did not land on or bite us and we were able to continue our very pleasant evening on the deck. And we all smelled so good.

On my next visit to this friend I will bring them a citronella candle which will be additional protection against the little biters. The Safari wipes contain a combination of naturally repellent oils; lemongrass oil, citronella and pine oil. They are certified organic and contain neither DEET or DMP but are effective protection from New Zealand mosquitoes.

For those that need more powerful repellency when travelling to areas of the world where mosquitoes carry dangerous diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. Kiwicare recommends the use of one or more of the non-organic but highly effective Safari range. The range includes roll-on, stick and aerosol personal insect repellent.

If you have problems with mosquitoes around your deck or patio it is worth considering where the mosquitoes might be coming from. Mosquitoes need still water to breed. Do you have a fish pond, without fish? Or a container of stagnant water sitting around the garden? Or is there a leak from a hose or pipe that leaves a permanent puddle? All such places are potential breeding sites for mosquito larvae. If so drain them, dry them out or fix the leak. Spraying surfaces that mosquitoes contact with residual surface insecticide such as NO Bugs Super may also help to deter mosquitoes and kill them before they get a chance to feed on you.

Enjoy your barbeque on the deck without the itchy feeling of being the dinner for mosquitoes.

Why are mosquitoes unlucky in love?
Because they always love in vein.

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