Monday, February 1, 2010

Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Tonight's TV3 episode of Target gave us a sad tale of bed bugs biting guests in a motel. Bed bugs are a problem that is confronting many in the hospitality industry. As the program mentioned the motel operators could not be blamed for getting the problem, as bed bugs are easily transported from place to place in clothing or luggage and cleanliness is little protection. There was criticism of the way the motel staff handled the situation but it sounded like the motel had employed a professional company to get rid of the pests.

It would have been helpful if the program had given advice on how to identify and eradicate bed bugs. This would have been helpful to people in the accommodation industry and to people that get bed bugs in their own home.

If you are looking for help and advice you can find it on the Kiwicare website or by contacting Kiwicare by email or phoning 03 3890778 (8.00am-5.00pm Mon-Fri).

Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.


  1. Hi,

    Obviosuly I didnt see the program you are referring to as I'm UK based, but I was just wondering what sort of level of problem bedbugs are causing for you pesties over in NZ??

    We are based in Cambridge, UK, a city with a high tourism rate and obviosuly 100's of students from all over the World...We are experiencing an increase in BB call-outs.

  2. Thanks for your comment. As someone that spent some time involved in pest control in the UK and Ireland I am aware that bed bugs are a growing problem there, as they are here in New Zealand. My understanding is they are on the increase in most of the world, largely due to increased travel and a resistance or tolerance to the use of synthetic pyrethroid insecticides and others.

    My feeling is that the best defence against bed bugs is education. One of the issues discussed in the program was the worry, particularly in the hospitality industry, of the bad press bed bugs can attract. This was indeed the case for the 'poor' motel involved in the program. But the lack of openness means that staff in hotels, motels, and backpackers, are not made aware of what to look for and how to handle the situation. As you will be aware, dealing with an infestation early is much easier that when it is well established.




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